Free Teeth Whitening

We appreciate patients who recognize the importance of good dental and oral hygiene. Those who attend regular dental care appointments and receive the treatment necessary to maintain a beautiful smile not only stay healthy, but end up spending less money and time in the dentist’s chair in the long run. For these patients, we offer our new Free Teeth Whitening For Life Program. With this program, our most dedicated patients can benefit from quality teeth whitening materials that will last year round.

What is included?

1) Custom designed at-home whitening kit, complete with upper and lower trays and whitening product
2) Up to two whitening pen refills a year

Terms and conditions

Patients who wish to qualify for this program must complete an initial dental cleaning, exam, and x-rays rays by fee per service or PPO insurance plan. (Unfortunately, HMO’s do not qualify.) Check-up visits must be scheduled and attended regularly. Patients must also undergo the minimum required dental care as recommended by our dentist. Patients suffering from gum disease do not qualify. After any necessary treatments, dental impressions can be taken to custom design the whitening kit. Patients will be required to pay for any lost or damaged trays. Only one refill will be awarded at re-care appointments. There is a limit of two refills annually, and patients cannot have any outstanding bills at the time.